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Service, repairs and overhauls

Team of qualified and experienced service technicians of TRENS SK performs complex services throughout entire lifetime of our lathes.  
Professional attitude of TRENS service technicians, their skills and more than 30 years experience guarantee fulfillment of customer requirements in technical, technological and service fields.
Service of Lathes
The list of serviced lathes:
SV18RA, SV18RD, SUI40, SUI50, SN40, 
SN32, SN50, SN71, SN500, SN710, SUI80,
SE320, SE520, SE820, SE1020,
SBE300, SBL300, SBL500, SBL700, SBX500

Service includes:
1. Installation and operator training
2. Warranty and out-of-warranty service of TRENS-made lathes
3. Preventive inspections
    During preventive inspections following things are checked: functionality of all machine components, mechanical backlashes, spindle, lubrication, cooling,
    machine axis and electric parts of machine. Advantages of preventive inspections:
     - cost savings in machine maintenance
     - lower number of failures and unexpected repairs and production breakdowns
     - possibility of periodicity choice (quarterly, bi-annual, annual)
4. Operator trainings and machine maintenance
5. Specialized trainings on basic programming of control systems Siemens, Heidenhein, Fanuc 
6. Technology preparation based on particular component according to customer request (tooling selection, clampings, etc.)

Overhauls include following services:

  • Complete dismantling of machine, assemblies and their cleaning
  • Grinding of bed guideways, slides, apron, headstock and sleeve
  • Exchange of broken components (bearings, gears, bolts, nuts, clutches)
  • Complete exchange of machine electro-components
  • Surface finish renewal (new paint)
  • Inspection report on electro installation of the machine
  • Renewal of  machine accuracy
  • Accuracy protocol
  • Operation manual
  • Leveling of machine and its demonstration at customer´s site

Overhauled machines are cost effective alternative as they keep their castings while guarantee technical parameters of a new machine.
We perform overhauls of following machines: SV18RA, SV18RD, SN32, SN40-50, SN71, SUI40, SUI50.
Repairs of broken machine components, geometry setting, repairs after machine crash, bearings exchange, bolts and nuts – everything what is necessary for correct machine operation.

Service/Warranty Claim Protocol